My Lion

My little lovely tabby is looking rather sweet

The elegant and tabby tail is curled around her feet

Expressionless she looks at me with bland and secret eyes

Assured the plate of sausages was dinner in disguise

I want to read the paper but my lap is occupied

A tabby cat is dozing so I’ve put my read aside

And though it’s really painful as the claws are sinking in

The sound of cat contentment keeps me tickling her chin

It’s as if a dozen devils are fighting on the floor

And a screwed up piece of paper is tossed from paw to paw

It’s thrown, bit and fought and then chased across the stairs

Then the tabby runs in panic from a fright that isn’t there

My cat lies soft in sunlight and her fur is golden bright

Her eyes are slits of slumber as she turns into the light

She stretches like a lion sprawled who drowses in the heat

And dreams of Serengeti mice are twitching at her feet

My tabby’s meditating and her limbs are all tucked in

Her head is nodding forward as she draws herself within

And who knows if she meditates to the fire’s gentle hum

Her focus will reward her and a lion she’ll become.

Originally published April 13 2013, commemorating Evil cat

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