Review: Choose your Hunters of Reloria Adventure

Posting to give a shout out to Kasper Beaumont’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book. Full disclosure – I know Kasper, and she is an absolute star who is incredibly supportive to authors and just in general. I paid for my copy of the book myself and I always give honest reviews.

This is a cute book. It isn’t professionally illustrated, at least, not in a conventional way. Lots of the pics are by children and it kind of adds to the charm. I found it fun.

It’s a ‘choose your own adventure’ book, where you skip from paragraph to paragraph making choices about how you want the adventure to go. I’ve dipped into it a few times, and I had to adjust my settings on my laptop to get the best of the pics, but it’s great fun. I really enjoyed the different scenes with elves and lizard men and the exquiste descriptions of the settings.

I think this book is best if you have already read the Hunters of Reloria series, which I haven’t (yet) and it is more aimed at younger readers but it is good fun and took me back a few years to when I was hooked on those books as a teen. It isn’t a deep and moving novel that spans generation, just light fun for those who love the old ‘choose your own adventure’ stories and the Hunters of Reloria series. I may not have bought it if I didn’t know Kasper, but I’m glad I did.

3 thoughts on “Review: Choose your Hunters of Reloria Adventure

  1. Thanks Lyssa. Yes, the pictures were sent in by child and adult fans for an art competition. I think it is a lovely way to acknowledge the people who care for Reloria the most. I really appreciate your review.
    Keep smiling and happy days, from Kasper xx

    1. PS: the top picture was a portrait of me giving a talk to the year 5 students. I love it. Kiddies draw for themselves, not what they think others would like. It’s so special <3

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