Quiet Night In

Photo by Benjamin Massello on Unsplash

“So what is the problem now?” Steve carefully adjusted the mirror.

Fiona sipped her Earl Grey and watched with interest. “Lady Freydis has heard that it is unlucky to be married in green.”

“That’s right.” Steve unlocked the case over the switch and turned the side light on. “It’s in case the Fair Folk, the fairies, got jealous as green is their colour.”

“She’s decided against green after all.” Fiona said. “But now she’s not sure what she wants.”

“I thought she really wanted green.” Steve checked the angles between the mirror and the light and adjusted the mirror a little. “She was all for it.”

“Well now she worries that its unlucky for her.”

Steve stopped adjusting the mirror and turned to look at Fiona. “But she is a fairy.”

“I know.” Fiona said. “The trouble is, she doesn’t have much to worry about, so she’s looking for things to go wrong.”

Steve sighed and muttered a few words over the mirror. The surface shimmered a little, then reformed, with the reflected light a good deal dimmer than the real one. “She needs more hobbies.”

“Even Mrs Tuesday is getting stressed by it all.” Fiona said. “Lady Freydis can change the colour of a gown by magic, but Mrs Tuesday says that it isn’t quite the same, and she doesn’t want to start cutting out the wedding dress until Lady Freydis is certain. What’s the mirror?”

“It’s an insurance policy.” Steve watched as the reflected light gradually grew brighter. “Have you told Lady Freydis the rhyme?”

“What rhyme?” Fiona asked.

“You know, ‘Married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow. Married in green, ashamed to be seen. Married in white, you’ll do alright. Married in blue, your love will be true.’ I think it’s quite old.”

“That might work.” Fiona said. “And Lady Freydis looks amazing in blue.”

“She can look amazing in anything.” Steve watched the reflection in the mirror growing brighter. “But heaven knows how the rhyme fits us.”

“Married in hospital – what rhymes with hospital?” Fiona took another sip of tea as she looked back to their wedding. “I think I was wearing a pink top with jeans.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to do it again? Have a proper wedding with a dress and a cake?” Steve asked.

“Not a chance.” Fiona said. “It was a moment just for us. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Steve leant over and kissed her. “It was pretty perfect for me as well.” He checked over at the mirror. The reflected light was now as bright as the real one next to his head. “That’s done. I’ll get it put away.”

“I’ll fetch the wine.” Fiona said. “For our quiet night in.”

“Sounds ideal to me.” Steve said.

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