Wonderful Start to the Year!

Look at this!

Three Furies Press is AWESOME!

I have officially signed a contract with Three Furies Press, and, if I hold up my side of the bargain, they will be publishing Out of the London Mist next summer. Every now and again I remember this and I have this huge grin on my face. It’s a massive step. I have known the people involved for a few years, and they are wonderfully generous and supportive people. I feel very blessed to be included in their journey,

I’ve always wanted to write, tumbled into self publishing, then entered a phase of an incredibly stressful personal life and never quite caught up on ‘being an author’. However, in 2018 I started submitting work to publications. I had a few hits and a few misses, but, to my mind, this contract finally makes me a proper author, a real writer who has to do all the ‘writer’ things.

Of course I’ll be involved with publicity and promotion. That’s part of the job and I’m looking forward to working with the Furies on this. And it also means I need to take things a little more seriously. I can’t get distracted too much by knitting or Reddit or some amazing cat video on YouTube. Writing is now my job.

This means that I really need to come to grips with my newsletter, keep up the flash fiction (I think it is an excellent workout), and get some stories out there. I need to get better at reading, and get into the good stuff, so I will be posting more reviews. And if I am enjoying myself as much as I expect, I’ll be having a lot of fun and sharing it on here. So watch this space, as I’m going into 2020 on a wonderfully optimistic note.

Lots of people have got me here, so thank you to all you wonderful guys who have given me the positive feedback and encouragement that means that I am still writing. Your kind words have made a massive difference to my life, and I am grateful. Thank you.

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