Keep the Change

Mrs Tuesday looked sceptically at Ferdi who leaned casually on the counter. “That’s £8.72. Cash only.”

“You have lovely credit card readers right there.” Ferdi said, nodding at the hardware.

“But you get extra special treatment, bosses orders.” Mrs Tuesday smiled with an edge of malice. “£8.72, in cash.”

Ferdi shrugged. “It’s not always wise to carry a lot of cash around, but I usually have some on me.” He pulled out a fake designer wallet and handed over a note to Mrs Tuesday. “Where’s Jasmine?”

“Hmm?” Mrs Tuesday pulled out a small wooden device from under the counter.

“Jasmine, the cute werewolf who works here. I thought she might like to go for a coffee.”

Lady Freydis drifted over. “Jasmine is indeed beautiful.” She smiled maliciously at the goblin leaning on the counter. “And it is true that she prefers the romance of non-werewolves to her own kind.” She sighed. “It’s so romantic. She has been dating Darren King for some time. They are wonderful together.”

“Darren King?” Ferdi straightened up. “Is that the Reverend Darren King? The exorcist?”

“That’s him.” Mrs Tuesday said. “He dotes on Jasmine. It’s very sweet.”

“Wasn’t he in the Royal Marines?” Ferdi said, glancing between the two ladies. “And didn’t he sort out that nest of ghouls single handed last week.”

“He’s very patient with Jasmine.” Mrs Tuesday said. “If you ask me, she’s been very good for him.”

“And she adores him so completely.” Lady Freydis said. “It’s so heartwarming. You can feel the love and loyalty radiating from her in waves.”

“Umm.” Ferdi said. “Can you let her know that I asked after her.”

Mrs Tuesday ran the £10 note over the rowan-wood scanner. The enchantment flickered and died. Instead of a crisp tenner, she was holding a battered ten-shilling note. “Ferdi, you know these haven’t been legal tender since 1971.”

Kadogan appeared from the back room. “Is that Ferdi?”

“I must have picked up the wrong wallet. I like to keep a few curiosities around.” Ferdi abandoned the small bag of incense and the outdated banknote and backed quickly away from the counter. “I’ll just check in my car.” He turned and fled.

Kadogan frowned after him. “I do not know why he bothers attending here. Did you tell him that all prices are double for him?”

“Mrs Tuesday was charging £8.72 for a £1.99 bag of incense.” Lady Freydis said. “But I think that is acceptable.”

“Indeed, Mrs Tuesday is to be commended.” And Kadogan stalked into the back room.

Mrs Tuesday exchanged a feline smile with Lady Freydis. “I think being overcharged is the least of his worries.”

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    1. I don’t track them, but I assume that they are being as badly behaved as ever! Thank you for dropping in and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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