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“Only you would pick a male saint for your saint’s day.” Martin shook his head and smiled at his wife. “You had the pick of them all and you are so feminine.”

Lady Freydis smiled happily. “But I love this day. I can find violets as well as blossom and the days become brighter.” She hugged her husband. “Thank you for remembering. It has been some years since I celebrated.”

“Why Caradoc?” Martin asked.

“I knew him.” Lady Freydis trailed her hand over the heavy damask cloth set under the pretty pink runner. “He made such sweet music. I visited my cousin, she was at Merlin’s Bridge and we were passing to St Brides and we visited.” She smiled at the memory. “He knew us for what we were and he said some harsh things, but he let us listen to his music and he blessed us as we went.”

“That must have been a special moment.” Martin said. “To be blessed by a saint.”

“And you have made me this wonderful meal.” Lady Freydis sighed. “And it is so very pink.”

“I ordered the cake specially from Adele’s cousin.” Martin waved a hand at the towering confection. “She promised to bake in lots of the glitter.

Lady Freydis sighed. “I never wear pink now.”

“I know.” Martin said.

“I wore it because I thought Lord Ragnar liked it.” Lady Freydis ran a manicured finger over the iced pink tea jug.

“I know.” Martin said again.

Lady Freydis glanced carefully at Martin. “Now he is dead and I wear blue these days, and sometimes green, because it makes me think of you.”

Martin had no idea why blue or green would remind Lady Freydis of him, but he smiled. “I am blessed.”

Lady Freydis bent to catch the scent of the bright pink roses dipped in glitter. “So I hardly ever have anything pink.”

“I know.” Martin smiled.

“But I think I have always secretly liked pink, deep down.” Lady Freydis said as she caressed the vivid pink glass and the bottle of pink champagne. “I think that actually I didn’t wear pink for Lord Ragnar. I think I wore it for me.”

Martin just smiled and dropped a brief kiss on Lady Freydis’ glorious golden hair.

Lady Freydis looked up at him. “And that is why you are the perfect husband.” She reached up to kiss him passionately. “Thank you.”

“Happy Saint’s Day.” And Martin hugged her.

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    1. Martin knows just how to handle Freydis, and she does adore him. I may write more as I imagine they have all sorts of escapades with one thing or another. Thank you for dropping by and I’m glad you like it.

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