The Chase

man in black jacket driving car during daytime
Image from Unsplash taken by Aubrey Rose Odom

Marge checked her speed. Fleur was driving at a sensible speed for once, which made it much easier to follow. She was not going to let her get away with her schemes. Marge had rights and she was determined to use them. She would not be distracted by Fleur’s games and schemes. They would not escape this time.

“Fleur did you seriously pay your cousin to drive your car to the next town?” Nick stared at his fiancée.

Fleur grinned. “I told him that there was likely to be issues, and that your mum would follow.”

“And he was okay with that?” Nick asked.

Fleur laughed. “He thought it was hilarious and said he would promise not to lose her. But what choice do we have? If we want to have any chance of choosing a decent wedding venue, we have to find some way of leaving her behind.”

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