“Is it definitely this way?” I was sure I had stepped in something squishy.

“Hmm?” Charles walked forward a little. “Yes, the man in the shop said it was along here.”

The man in the shop was fine with Charles but never seemed to take to me. Conversations paused as I walked in and he asked me if I wanted any ‘special orders, like them olives?’ and looked somewhat disappointed at my purchase of potatoes and carrots. “Did he say how far?” It felt like I had walked miles.

“Not far.” Charles looked around and took a happy breath. “That’s wild garlic over there. We could cook with it.”

I stumbled over a lump in the path. “Only if we get it away from where people walk their dogs.”

Charles laughed. “You wait until I get the garden sorted.”

That was the deal. He sorted out the garden, I dealt with the house. We had moved in too fast. Really the whole place needed to be gutted. The wallpaper was older than me and I didn’t like to speculate about the plumbing. “It’ll be great.”

“Look, it’s just down here.” Charles strode ahead.

I waved away the midges from my face and followed. The dim green tunnel of the lane opened up and then I was in the sunlight and looking over the incredible view. Woodland mixed with patchwork fields and the sun slanted down on the glowing, late spring landscape. I glanced at Charles and the delight on his face was as strong as the sunshine as he took a deep, refreshing breath of country air. The tension in his shoulders had gone and there was a sparkle in his eyes. Moving to the country was definitely worth it.

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