Please Hold

My time management is spectacularly poor. This is not a secret. I fail at getting things done on time. I’m trying to break that habit, but it’s a work in progress.

You may have noticed that there isn’t a writing prompt this week. I enjoy writing prompts, but I noticed that I was the only one taking part. This is not necessarily helpful. I also now have an editor who has plans for my writing (hi Rebekah, you are awesome!).

At the same time, life in the real world is pressing down and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. So I’m shaking things up a little. I won’t be posting any more writing challenges. I don’t think that they’ll be missed. I will, however, aim to publish one piece of flash fiction every week after the end of October. I look at it as my gym. The little pieces of flash fiction, quite seperate from anything else, keep my writing in trim.

You may have noticed that this starts after the end of October. I have a few deadlines swinging over my head, some for the awesome Three Furies Press, some for other projects. I have also signed up for the amazing October Frights, organised by Anita Steward, which is a group of writers sharing scary stuff between 10th October and 15th October. And, in the past, I’ve tried to post something spooky every day for October. I thought it was important for me to keep up the tradition. So October is likely to be very busy (and fun!). This year there will be a post every day of October with a little supernatural fiction. Around two thirds of the posts are old favourites. I enjoyed reading through the back pages of my blog and dipping into past stories and I hope you will enjoy them as well. There will be a few new pieces, though, with a supernatural twist, and I hope you will enjoy them.

After October and the wonderfully spooky time of Halloween, look out for weekly flash fiction, news of what I have been up to and book reviews. I have a backlog of reviews I have promised to do. Did I mention I’m appalling at time management? I’m sorry if I owe you a review. And I’m sure that there will be bits and pieces that follow on to all the strange places that my writing visits.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free. I am always incredibly flattered to think that anyone has read this, and I would love to hear from you.

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    I have a question regarding your book I believe I should not post in public. Could you please send me an email so I can ask away?

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