Shadow in the Corner

brown and green house on green grass field under white clouds and blue sky during daytime
Image by David Stamm on Unsplash

Welcome to October. Once again I am planning on publishing something a little spooky or supernatural on every day of October 2020. Most of it will be reposts of flash fiction you have seen in the past, but there will be a few new tales in the mix, so keep an eye out! And of course I will be part of the October Frights run by the amazing Anita Steward and sharing the scary goodness on here during the run between 10th and 15th of October. I hope you enjoy!

It’s an old stone house with a tall stone tower

It’s bent and battered but it still holds power

And the priests keep blessing but the dark’s still calling

So the cattle’s brought in soon as night starts falling

We’re the edge of the kingdom so we don’t pay taxes

And the only human sounds are the woodcutter’s axes

So the lords don’t bother and we like it that way

Though few who come to work here have the heart to stay

There’s a new girl in the kitchens and we have to warn her

Of the stain that hides in the shadow in the corner.

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