Please Hold

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I’ve missed quite a few Mondays recently, and I apologise. I like to keep the little bits of flash fiction going as it’s a writing version of going to the gym for me. I have had something of a fail on that recently.

I also am incredibly grateful to anyone who looks in on this blog, and I don’t want to let you down in any way.

The long gap gave me time to think, and to consider what the blog is actually for. I mean, I put my flash fiction up, and I put up information about anything I’m publishing, but it feels a little limp. Is it entertaining enough? I’m not so sure.

October will be on us in 23 days at time of typing, and, as in the last few years, I’ll be posting something vaguely supernatural every day for the month. There will be a lot of old favourites, but I’m hoping to put in a few new bits as well. This is a chance for me to gear up, but also a chance for me to reset the blog.

It won’t actually be much different. You will still see the flash fiction, and I’ve been making a few notes so hopefully there will be less gaps. There will be the usual stuff about anything being published. I’m also hoping to get more into book reviews, and take some time to reflect on what writing means to me.

There is also a risk of me adding in some of the jokes, curiosities and peculiarities I see around me. The world is a strange and wonderful place, and I hope I can share.

It should start changing after the spooky October posts end on 31st October. Any and all (family friendly) suggestions will be carefully considered, but no guarantees.

Sincere thank you to all who visit this blog. You are awesome. The kindness on here has been amazing and I am always grateful. Hugs and good vibes to you all.

2 thoughts on “Please Hold

    1. Thank you! I want to give the good stuff as well. The last few weeks I’ve been writing stuff that hasn’t been up to standard, and it’s been frustrating. Thank you for understanding.

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