Love Spell

Cast your power over me,
Burn it to the sky.
You cast a love spell over me –
You’ll own me till you die

Now I am dead and gone, my dear,
And you are living still.
The spell persists beyond the veil
And wraps around my will

But things are different in the dark,
So much is clear to me,
The lines of magic run two ways
Though I cannot break free

For many years I was your love,
For many years your slave.
And still you feel my dead heart close
Still linking from the grave.

I’m standing at your shoulder now
I’ll never leave your side
You made your bed, now lie in it,
The love spell never died

So do your dreams grow dark, my dear?
Do your days drag long and grey?
You took my will away from me,
It’s time to make you pay.

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