It’s Nearly Here!

First of all, check this out! It’s available for pre-order here and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.

My first medieval fantasy novel is coming soon! The wonderful people at Three Furies Press have been absolute saints as they edited, especially as I got hung up on research. They deserve medals, or, at the very least, strong liquor.

This is the first novel I started writing. I was fleshing out the idea back in the 1990s. Since then I’ve had two steampunk novels published by the awesome Three Furies, self published some urban fantasy and generally had fun on my blog with all sorts of flash fiction. I always wanted to come back to this, though. It’s a big deal for me.

There will be a sequel, of course, and while I was working on that (and very much enjoying it), I realised I couldn’t remember a tiny detail from King’s Silver. So I skimmed over and realised that I had missed a huge chunk of detail and would have to ditch at least a thousand words from Castle Viburg. Harsh language may have been used.

As I was deleting, I thought that it was really possible that a reader could know a lot more about a book than the writer. I’ve been kicking ideas for this novel for thirty years. Not all of them made it into the book. Then there’s dialogue that I may have written recently but decided to delete, or a quick change of name because I realised I’d used the same name twice for minor characters. Some writers take years to hone each word to perfection, immersing themselves in their world. I envy them. When I write, I write quickly and I can forget the details. It’s the difference between being on a leisurely canal barge and a busy ferry. The canal barge has the better journey, but I get bored and want to keep moving.

I’ll be posting further details nearer release. I had such a wonderful time writing this, I hope that you will feel able to enjoy it.

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