A New Start

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You can find Alex’s story from the beginning here.

Alex sat in the café of the White Hart, leaning forward over the hot coffee that had been placed in front of him. Jack and Martin were arguing.

“I can’t believe how irresponsible you are!” Martin yelled. “That young lad could have been killed.”

“Well he wasn’t,” Jack said. “He’s just had a bit of a wander in the land of the elfen. No harm done.”

“No harm!” Martin yelled. “He almost died.”

Alex turned to Dave who was sitting next to him. “So Martin is a vampire, right?”

Dave nodded. “But he’s not a bad guy, you know.” He thought for a moment. “Well, not really. As far as we can tell, all his lady friends are only enthralled for a short while, and they always end up better off in some way. We keep an eye on him.”

“Could you do anything against him if you needed to?” Alex asked. “After all, you’re supposed to protect the local – what did you call it? The local normals?”

“Dammit, Jack, when are you going to realise that times have changed?” Martin yelled.

Dave looked apologetic. “It would be tough. But that isn’t a reason to give in.”

Alex thought about that for a moment. “And Jack is a nature spirit of some sort.”

Dave nodded. “No-one is exactly sure and Jack isn’t sharing, but that’s about right.”

Jack grinned insolently at Martin. “You should have a half naked harem of gorgeous women lounging around the feet of you and your wife.” He jumped back, but not quickly enough as Martin grabbed him around the throat.

“And those two there are werewolves?” Alex asked, nodded at Ian and Callum who were intently watching the argument.

“Yeah,” Dave said. “They are really the good guys. They didn’t hesitate to help look for you, and they always turn out if there’s trouble. Ian’s in charge.”

Alex looked at the hard muscled, hard faced man watching Martin and Jack and didn’t doubt it. “And Lady Freydis is a sort of fairy and is in charge?”

Dave nodded. “She’s Martin’s wife, and we call her an elfen.” Lady Freydis was watching with interest as her husband shook Jack by the throat like a terrier with a rat.

“She’s an elfen,” Alex repeated. “And Rhys is a vampire?”

Dave sympathised as he heard the confused hurt in Alex’s voice. “I don’t think Rhys wants to be a vampire. I think he wants to take revenge on all of them. But he’s speaking to Dean, who didn’t want to be a vampire either, and Dean will sort Rhys out. We’ll look after him.”

“Somebody has to, the poor kid,” an old lady said, placing a plate in front of Alex. “I’m Mrs Tuesday and underneath my glamour, the illusion of what you see when you look at me, I’m a horrible hairy monster that’s strong enough to sort most of this lot out. Now eat up. I’ve seen more meat on a butcher’s pencil. You can call in for dinner for at least the next week or so. I bet you haven’t had a proper hot meal for months. Dinner is usually at seven, but I can always keep a plate warm if there’s a problem.” She put a second plate in front of Dave. “And it wouldn’t hurt you to get a meal here now and again.” She stalked away.

Alex watched Mrs Tuesday bustle back behind the counter and then looked down at the magnificent portion of shepherd’s pie in front of him. “Is she serious?” he asked Dave.

Dave picked up his fork. “She’s definitely a huge hairy monster under there, and I’ve seen her pick up a washing machine and carry it like it was a bag of sugar, but the scariest thing about her is just her. She just knows what to say to reduce you to a speechless mess. And she just knows all the stuff you hope that she’ll never guess. Don’t cross her.” He picked up an enthusiastic forkful. “But she’s a cracking cook!”

Alex had a taste and agreed with Dave. He could feel the savoury mouthful warming him. “I’ll definitely be around for any meals she wants to hand out.” He watched Jack struggle futilely against the stranglehold and then disappear into nothingness leaving Martin lurching forward.

“I hadn’t finished with you!” Martin yelled and vanished, presumably following Jack.

“You’re supposed to start work here on Monday,” Dave said, “but I think that you’re already part of the family with everything that’s happened. Welcome to the White Hart.”

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