Three Furies Press – Thank you for Everything

At the beginning of January 2020, I was privileged enough to become one of the authors at Three Furies press – and it was an absolute honour. They were, and still are, awesome people. The first thing they published from me was Out of the London Mist which was a steampunk novel that I wrote after accidentally stumbling into the genre. They were patient, generous with their time and incredibly, wonderfully helpful.

This was followed by Under the Bright Saharan Sky which I enjoyed writing so much. The encouragement I had from Three Furies made it soar. They encouraged character development when I wasn’t certain, helped me get a grip on my research and made everything so easy for me.

And then it was King’s Silver where they kept my sanity and enjoyed the journey just as much as I did. They threw ideas around with me, encouraged me and helped me dance with all the crazy plans for the sequels.

Over time they encouraged me, calmed me, grounded me, helped me punctuate dialogue and were there for me when my health and personal life hit turbulent times. They were more than editors and it was more than a business contract. These, and the authors that they encouraged, are amazing people and I am privileged to know them. There are so many horror stories around independent publishing and so many stories of bad faith, but this was a publisher that kept their word, they stood by their authors and they were straightforward, decent human beings.

Due to no fault of their work as publishers, Three Furies Press has had to close. I’m devastated for them, and feeling more than a little lost. You will see no links in the paragraphs above because while my self published work will still be kicking around on Amazon, those stories above are being taken down with the closure of Three Furies Press.

They have been as gracious and generous as ever, so I have all the documents, and the stories will return in some form and at some date, though I’m not sure when. I think it will be a while, for me, as I am grieving.

Three Furies Press – thank you for everything.

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