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I think the best way to describe my writing career is erratic. I’ve spoken how Forgotten Village ended up as an accidental self publish, and that I had the original inspiration for King’s Silver back in 1997, over twenty years before it made it to print. I have no idea to this day how I ended up being inspired by steampunk (though I’m glad I was) and, to be honest, I have no idea what I’m going to do next.

Steve Adderson was a character that I stumbled into back in 2013. I followed a writing prompt from Write on the Edge for a story prompted by a picture and limited to 500 words. Something about Steve Adderson seemed to work and so he ended up in the response to the next prompt, and the one after that, and the one after that. In the end, I had quite a collection which I pulled together and called Across a Misty Bridge. It was posted in a few places and added on to bits and pieces but it never made it to its own book. After that story ended, he became co-owner of The White Hart and found himself never far away from trouble. I have a soft spot for Steve.

After some very kind comments about Steve on the last piece of fiction, I went back and looked at his story. I’m a much better writer now than I was back in 2013 (though there is still plenty of room for improvement), and I’m not necessarily limited to 500 words. I would love to hear if you would be interested in me going back and rewriting the original series, giving it a bit more life and perhaps adding a chapter or two. It’s almost like I feel that Steve would deserve it. I may also have an idea or two for some stories about him as the main hero, which I also think he very much deserves.

I’m a little hesitant as it’s not new stuff, but it would be very carefully refurbished and shined up. With the shock of losing Three Furies Press, I’m shaking loose a lot of stuff and getting the old stuff properly organised to go forward into the new stuff with a little more energy. Giving Steve a little more polish would be part of that process.

As a reminder, here is the original from 22nd April 2013.

Exchange on a Bridge

Steve Adderson, call centre worker and now dealer with the Faerie Realm stepped nervously onto the bridge.  It was the same concrete bridge it had always been, however now there was a tall man in a motorcycle helmet standing next to his dark motorbike in the centre of the bridge.

The motorcycle rider removed his helmet.  “Are you Mr Steve Adderson?” He asked. 

Steve swallowed nervously.  What had possessed him to deal with someone who described themselves as elfen?  “I’m Steve Adderson.” He said, his voice almost breaking with fear.  “Are you Lord Marius?”

“I am indeed.” There was a hint of impatience. “Have you brought it with you?”

Steve swallowed again.  “Yes, I have.”

“And payment has cleared in your account?” Lord Marius asked.

“No offence, but when I was first contacted I read up a bit and they mentioned fairy gold…” Steve took a deep breath.  Lord Marius was a lot taller than him, and he had a dangerous edge that went beyond the trappings of a biker.

“As a kindness, and hoping for a speedy transaction, I will share some small information.” Lord Marius leant casually against the railings of the bridge.  “If you are dealing with the elfen, never take food, or drink or cash.  Cheques are usually safe enough, though nothing in any path is guaranteed.  And this treasure that you bring me, which has been bartered hard for, well, that is an illustration of elfen foolishness.  You were contacted by Lord Cerdig.” Lord Marius sighed.  “He does not see a great deal of the sunlight realm.  He ventures here rarely and his influence is waning, particularly amongst the younger members of his court.  He seeks to bolster his position so he finds something that his more powerful neighbouring prince covets to buy aid and support.” Lord Marius shrugged.  “However this neighbour is in the grip of a strange obsession.  It is a curse of our kind.  He is quite desperate for treasure such as you carry, no matter how odd it seems to others, he pines for it.  So Lord Cerdig offered highly for it, lest another find it first and win it from you.”

“I was a bit surprised.” Steve said.

“Your treasure has some value in your world, but it is not the same value as that to a desperate elfen prince, buying the heart’s desire of a much needed ally.” Lord Marius sighed.  “Please give it to me.”

Steve hesitantly handed it over.  Lord Marius took out the object, examined it with careful fingers and then finally nodded. 

“It is exactly as described.” Lord Marius said.  “Here is a bonus from Lord Cerdig, all the papers are in order.”

Steve’s reflexes caught the car keys that Lord Marius threw at him.  The very new BMW car keys.  And then he watched Lord Marius ride off into the mist carrying with him a package that would cost, at the best valuation, one fiftieth of the price of the second hand BMW he had been looking at longingly in the local showroom.  And some elfen was now the owner of a 1936 Rupert Bear Annual, mint condition.  He held up the keys to the growing light.  What was the car equivalent of fairy gold? 

Please let me know what you think – time for a spruce up?

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