To Review or Not Review

One of my targets is to review books. This is purely to widen my reading and perhaps help out another author. I may in theory set it up so that I can put in affiliate links with Amazon, but the tiniest thought of working that out sends me cross-eyed so the chances of me making anything from that are slim. All this to say that I don’t really have an agenda.

But then I thought – what if I upset another author? I know how hard it is to write a book. I know the feeling of being completely exposed as you offer up something that has taken so much to create. I would never normally write something cruel, but I can’t guarantee that I’d always get it right. I’d hate to upset anyone. Besides, I could get a huge amount of retaliatory negative reviews on my books and it could sink me. I’ve heard of authors withdrawing all their books after malicious campaigns.

I thought about reviewing books in genres that I don’t write, but I’m not sure that it would work. I’ve written a little horror, so not only would that be out but I write scarier than I read so I would be giving myself nightmares. I’ve written steampunk and fantasy which may not be in print now but I’ll be getting back out soon, and I’ve danced around urban fantasy and paranormal fantasy. I’m not reviewing romance as I refuse to admit some of the stuff that I read, and even a lot of the mainstream stuff makes me blush. The sci-fi that I’ve briefly delved into is either depressing, only suitable for very mature adults or science heavy and I don’t do science.

As things stand, I want to widen my reading and I want to encourage authors so I’ll continue to erratically review, at least for now. I’m making a commitment though – I’m only writing about books where I can award five stars and in genres that I enjoy. And I’ll keep sending good writing vibes out to all those out there who are conquering their blank piece of paper.

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