With Apologies

I fail at February and March. I always have. It’s the time of year when things like funerals and loss of ability to function happen for me. I am also easily distracted by, well, practically anything and I’m more susceptible around now.

I apologise for missing out on the posts. This happens every year yet still somehow takes me by surprise and I let people down. I’m sorry. Normal service (whatever normal service is) will be resumed on Monday.

I’ve been thinking a lot about reviews. Something is niggling at me and prodding me to keep going, but I feel uncomfortable reviewing authors who are in the same sort of genre as me. It feels like I’m poking at them and I really don’t want to do that. I want to be encouraging.

Over the last couple of months, when things have been less than straightforward in my private life, I’ve been reading my bodyweight in romantic eBooks. I know that eBooks technically have no easily measurable weight (can you tell that I have an extremely STEM son) and that I’m very much a larger lady, but it’s the best way to describe my reading. I’ve even read Hockey romances, and I’ve never seen a hockey game. I’m not even sure about the rules.

I’ve decided to work with this. The Friday review slot will be either my subscription from the British Library or a absolutely-non-paranormal-or-fantasy-or-anything-supernatural romance. I can’t seem to write anything without breaking out in vampires, so I’m safe from treading on the toes of an author who writes in the same genres. Also, I get to legitimately indulge in a romance at least once per week.

Another point is that I had a load of writing prompts cued up to post so they have kept going. I haven’t seen many people taking advantage of them, but I’ve enjoyed having them steer the story of Back at the White Hart so they are likely to continue. Please feel free to use them if they also work for you.

I plan to eventually put Invitation Accepted into a book form. I’ve noticed that people return to this regularly, so let me know if you want me to push that to the head of my extremely long writing to-do list. I’m always incredibly flattered that anyone reads my work, so if there any requests or questions, I’d like to hear them. I may not have shown it over the last few months, but I want to be respectful to anyone kind enough to read my stories.

Now I’m getting back to completely re-writing Across a Misty Bridge which is far too much fun to be legal and a good reminder of where things started.

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