Business Talk

You can read the story from the beginning here. This chapter was inspired by Writing Prompt Number 15

“I thought that door was locked to prevent the desperate from entering,” Lady Freydis said, glaring. “The shop is not open to the public for another thirty minutes and it’s never open for riff raff.”

Miss Marianne shrugged. “Locks are unimportant,” she said, striding across the shop and up to the counter. “Love is important.” She dumped a large basket of flowers onto the counter. “Where is Martin?”

Kadogan stalked in. “I am going to make candles,” he announced.

Fiona looked up from where she was re-stocking the greetings cards. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“We expend money on purchasing candles,” Kadogan said. “It would be economically sensible to produce those candles.”

“No-one has a love for Martin like I,” Miss Marianne said.

Noah wandered in from the back room. “What’s going on?” he asked Mrs Tuesday.

She grinned. “Sit back and enjoy,” she said.

“Making candles is complicated,” Fiona said. “You need wax and things, and more space than we have. It’s complicated.”

“I know Martin better than anyone. I’m his soul mate. I’m his twin flame,” Miss Marianne wailed.

Noah winced. “Is this about the candle making business that Kadogan got me to buy?” he asked.

Fiona snapped her head around to stare at him. “What business?” she asked.

Kadogan waved a hand airily. “Just the equipment and supplies,” he said. “They were remarkably inexpensive.”

“Probably because the person selling failed to make any money with it,” Fiona said. She turned back to Noah. “What do you mean, you bought the business? And didn’t you think to check?”

“I’ve brought flowers with me,” Miss Marianne cried. “Where is my true love?”

Noah took a step back. “There’s loads of those sort of businesses online,” he said. “And it was just small scale stuff.” He looked hesitantly at Kadogan. “A lot of influencers have a candle making business but they make most of their money from their blogs and merch.”

“What is merch?” Lady Freydis said, keeping her eyes on Miss Marianne.

“You know, merchandise like t-shirts or mugs or candle making supplies,” Noah said. “They usually write a book or two…” He stuttered to a stop as he realised his mistake.

“Excellent,” Lady Freydis. “You may write this book. And the enfluencer thing – you can organise that, yes?”

Noah shrugged. “I’m not sure. I can come up with some ideas but I can’t promise anything.”

“You will be perfect,” Lady Freydis said. “And you will instruct Mina as well.”

“Nobody is listening to me!” Miss Marianne wailed.

“Do you like candles?” Kadogan asked.

“Only if they are well ordered,” Miss Marianne said. “And the new soy wax blends are a significant improvement on the tallow dips.”

Kadogan’s eyes narrowed. “You should supervise the brownies that I have employed,” he said.

“We have more employees?” Fiona whispered.

“I shall escort you to the premises that I have secured for the candle making,” Kadogan said, courteously taking Miss Marianne’s arm.

“We have more premises?” Fiona whimpered.

Miss Marianne turned her head to glare at Lady Freydis. “Give Martin the flowers, trollop, and don’t tell him about the flowers.”

Lady Freydis ran a cloth over the coffee machine as she watched Kadogan and Miss Marianne leave. “This is going to be so much fun,” she said.

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