Happy April 23rd

It was a cold, wet and miserable night, the sort that chills you to the bone and soaks you through. Fred bitterly regretted his decision to try and get ahead of his work as his battered car was wheezing up the hills and the engine temperature was nudging upwards. His phone was out of charge, he was tired and hungry and he was pretty sure that he was lost.

There was a brief glimmer of hope as he spotted a pub and he pulled up outside with a sigh of relief. The only lights light up the sign of the George and Dragon and the doors were shut up, but at least it was somewhere to stop. The rain chilled him to the bone as he banged hard on the door. Above him, a window opened and a woman stuck her head out. “We’re closed!”

“Can you make an exception, love,” he called up. “I’m happy to pay – I’m on expenses. I won’t be any bother and it’s a brutal night out here.”

“No exceptions!” The woman shouted down. “I know your sort! You’ll nick nuts from behind the bar and leave the taps running. Go away!”

“Please, missus, it’s freezing out here. My car needs a break and I’ve no charge on my phone. I promise I won’t be a bother.”

“Go away!” The woman said and slammed the window shut.

Fred stepped back for a minute, exhaustion sweeping through him. He looked up at the pub sign. St George didn’t seem to be bothered by the cold rain as he perpetually spitted the twisting dragon. He thought for a moment, then turned back to the pub and banged again on the door. The window flew open again.

“I told you, go away!” The woman yelled.

Fred shook his head. “This place is the George and Dragon, right? Well I’ve spoken to the dragon, and now I want to speak to George.”

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