The White Hart – a little background and my plans.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first – I fail at planning. It’s well known and I’m not going to try and pretend otherwise. However I thought I’d try really hard, make some plans and stick to them. And if I wanted to play fair with readers, I had to give some notice.

The White Hart started as an experiment to see if I could write a story in blog form. I came to the conclusion that it isn’t a great way to tell a conventional story, but that I was having fun so I would keep going. And I kept going as I was enjoying the story so much.

The stories have been floating around more than one blog plus on Amazon, so I’m struggling to pin dates on when I first started writing this. I had a lot of trouble getting Tales from the White Hart published on Amazon so deleted a lot of stuff on the web, and I’ve changed laptops at least once since the first instalment. I seem to think that I started writing around 2016, but I could be wrong. A while ago I was considering compiling all the stories into one book and it came in at over 200,000 words and I shelved that idea because I would be compiling a doorstop! I didn’t want to keep cluttering up blogs and I hoped that I may make a few pennies so I thought I’d try putting the stories into book form. It still hasn’t worked for me.

As I’m writing Back at the White Hart I’m aware that there’s a lot of backstory – I mean, thousands of words of backstory, complications and difficulties and I’m always struggling to remember stuff that I’ve written. I also feel that it’s exclusionary because it’s hard for someone to dive into Back at the White Hart without having easy access to what happened before. It’s driving me nuts. But I still don’t want to clutter up my blog.

So I’ve made a tentative plan. I’m enrolled with the Kindle Unlimited until September. I’ll also work on getting the books on a free over the next few months. Once that’s passed, I’ll be taking down the books from Amazon and putting the stories on Royal Road. Royal Road is a site that is set up for ongoing stories, so it would be fine there and free to access. If I can get my act together, which is far from guaranteed, I’ll get the books into paperback form as well and I’ll share links if that happens.

And then hopefully it will just settle down nicely.

Of course, that will make my book offerings look extremely thin and I’ve got almost ready to publish on a couple of things, so, if the stars align and I manage some focus, I’ll be aiming to get some more titles out to fill the gap. Please send writing and organising vibes my way.

And if you have any comments or suggestions, or if you have a different take on what should happen, please let me know. Honest comments are a hug.

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