Places to Find Lyssa

The best place to catch up with the latest chatter, and the best way to send messages is on Facebook. Lyssa Medana’s Facebook is here and her author page is here.

Very occasionally I am blessed to be accepted into an anthology. The current anthologies with contributions from me are:

Dreamscapes – an anthology from Cherry House Press

Tricksters Treats Vol 3 – This is a wonderful collection of 49 stories, seven for each deadly sin and one of them, Avarice, by Lyssa Medana and featuring Rev Darren King. All proceeds go to a wonderful cause charity: water. It is so easy to take clean water for granted and I genuinely feel privileged for being part of something that will raise funds for this charity.

Grumpy Old Gods Vol 3 – release to be confirmed. A collection of stories about the old gods who are allegedly out to pasture, all with a twist of humour.