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Thank you for stopping by. I am incredibly flattered and happy that you stopped to look. If you like my writing, I hope you will feel able to look at some of my published works.

The Forgotten Village by Lyssa Medana

The Forgotten Village

Karen Price suddenly finds herself whisked from a safe, easy office job and a comfortable, if boring, boyfriend into a village where modern day vampires and werewolves roam freely, the vicar is impossibly handsome and she never knows who or what will turn up at the Post Office. 

And the night she arrives a murder is committed.

Digging up the Past by Lyssa Medana

Digging up the Past (The Forgotten Village Book 2)

Karen Price had been looking forward to her wedding day for nearly a year. It had already been cancelled twice, once due to a plague of magical insects and once because of an outbreak of zombies. That was the risk you took when you agreed to marry a paladin, someone sent to stand between the normal world and the threats of the non normal. 
Of course a wedding never goes entirely to plan and now Karen was getting married while a tv crew were filming an archaeological dig in a village stuffed with vampires, werewolves and more. However everyone was being on their best behaviour, and nothing supernatural was expected to be dug up, so what could possibly go wrong? 

As ex marine Mike Doyle and vicar Darren King battle with unexpected dark forces, quite a lot can go wrong. From having nothing more to worry about than a dress fitting Karen suddenly finds herself in a lot more danger than she expected.

Dinner at Dark by Lyssa Medana

Dinner at Dark

How would Martha Stewart deal with a dinner party where two of the guests were vampires, four of the guests were werewolves, one of the guests was completely unaware of this and one was a housekeeper with very high standards? What happens if you buy Holy Water from the internet? When eight guests are trapped in the rugged British Pennines, the dinner party at Darke Manor takes an unexpected turn

Tales from the White Hart by Lyssa Medana

Tales from the White Hart (Forgotten Village Book 4)

When Fiona Greene saved the life of an ancient elfen, Kadogan, he asked her heart’s desire. This is why, exactly 100 days later, Fiona found herself opening up ‘The White Hart’, a shop in a converted pub that sold handcrafted cards, exquisite gift wrap and a range of merchandise aimed at werewolves, vampires and the rest of the non-normal community. What could go wrong?

Lots could go wrong. They had a Tarot reader that didn’t believe in Tarot cards, a werewolf who had been thrown out of his pack as the warehouse manager and the redoubtable Mrs Tuesday coming to stay. Fiona could deal with all that, but she wasn’t happy about the attempts to pair her up with Steve Adderson, salesperson to the non-normal domains and magician.

Then the staff at the White Hart found themselves in the middle of a power struggle and suddenly her romance had to take a back seat.

A Paranormal Romance set in the beautiful and ancient city of York

More Tales from the White Hart by Lyssa Medana

The White Hart is a converted pub in the beautiful city of York, in England, selling exquisite gifts, handmade cards and magical supplies to normals and non normals alike. The people and place had survived the struggles for control of the magical domain of York, but it wasn’t getting easier.

The damaging fire at the White Hart was only the start of their troubles. The vampire, Rey, may have been destroyed after he challenged for control, but he left a dark and destructive legacy. Rebuilding the White Hart is only the start of the challenges.
The sequel to Tales from the White Hart.

Further Tales from the White Hart by Lyssa Medana

Further Tales from the White Hart (At the Sign of the White Hart Book 3)

Lady Freydis is now the Prince of non-normal York. She is the absolute ruler of all the vampires, werewolves, boggarts, brownies and the rest, and still the barista at the White Hart. The former pub is flourishing and all looks to be calm.

That can’t last, of course. Lady Freydis has decided that she is going to be married at Midsummer. She hasn’t decided on the husband-to-be, but that’s a small detail for an imperious and erratic elfen. As the scramble to marry or avoid marrying heats up, the White Hart and it’s denizens are once again caught in the middle.

And there is the small matter of the skeletal hands infesting the ancient city of York. Darren, Dave and Luke have their work cut out even without Lady Freydis’ tricks.

A sequel to Tales from the White Hart and More Tales from the White Hart

Out of the London Mist by [Lyssa Medana]
A steampunk adventure in Victorian London

When news of his brother’s murder reached him, aether pilot John Farnley raced back to his old family home.
While he comforts his bereaved sister-in-law, and tries to sort the family business and holdings, he also wonders why his brother, Lord Nicholas Farnley, had ventured into the cramped streets of the East End of London where he had met his violent end. The slums are a deadly place where life was cheap and murderous thugs preyed on the weak and lost.
Now, in the midst of a thick, London fog, something even more monstrous is waiting in the mist-shrouded shadows. Something that has been brought to life by the refugees crowding Bethnal Green and Mile End. Something his brother might have had a hand in creating.
Aided by his friend, the resourceful Miss Sylvia Armley, his own understanding of the aether lines that flow above London, and guided by the erudite advice of Professor Entwistle, John is forced to find his way through the darkest part of London to avenge his brother and stop whatever aether powered monster is lurking there.

Available at Amazon, other great booksellers and direct from the publisher, Three Furies Press.

Under the Bright Saharan Sky by Lyssa Medana

Under the Bright Saharan Sky (Aether Trails Book 2) by [Lyssa Medana]

John Farnley, reluctant Lord and Peer, agrees to fly Professor Entwistle and Miss Sylvia Armley on their expedition, for the usual fees. It was planned as a straightforward trip to Sudan searching under the Saharan sky for obscure Nubian pyramids where they would hopefully unearth new archaeological remains.
But first they find a desperate woman, a dying man, and the ominous threat of mercenaries left leaderless after the recent colonial wars, mercenaries who are also interested in the treasures that might be hidden within the pyramids. And what could this have to do with the stories of djinn?
Trapped by an aether storm that left their aether flyer powerless, the companions work desperately to find out the secrets of the pyramids as the threat of the mercenaries grows.
Could this have anything to do with the forbidden knowledge of Hammerhand’s creation? Will the courage of John Farnley, the knowledge of Professor Entwistle, and the sharpshooting skills of Sylvia Armley save them? Or will it be the secret locked in the bronze figures?

Available at all good booksellers

King’s Silver

King's Silver (Magic Awakening Book 1) by [Lyssa Medana]

Silvers. They seemed to come from nowhere. Suddenly young women were showing streaks of silver on their skin and in their hair – and with that silver came power.

Annis had heard the stories, of course, but as a peasant on an out of the way farm in Aretan, she had thought that they were nothing more than that, just stories. She was far too busy to bother with such nonsense. Until one day the silver started streaking her skin.

Her meeting with Prince Sigmund and their intense bond started a chain of events that no-one could have foreseen. Annis found herself tossed in the dangerous political currents of the court with the safety of the kingdom at stake.

What could a peasant girl bring to this suddenly unstable world? Annis could bring her no-nonsense practical sense and the power to bring down mountains. But would it be enough?