Out of the London Mist: Pre-order available!

I am sooooo thrilled. This is the first of my books published by a proper publisher instead of being dragged together by me, and it’s available for pre-order! I’ve never worked out how to do ‘pre-orders’ before. It’s been a journey.

I submitted my manuscript to the Three Furies Press at the beginning of the year and they were kind enough to accept. It took me around three days to calm down, I was so thrilled. I knew the people involved, and knew that they are awesome, so I felt incredibly privileged. And I felt a lot safer. I had no idea about what was involved in traditional printing. Up til now it had been a case of checking for spelling mistakes, hoping I hadn’t missed a name and harsh language while I pressed ‘self publish’. Now I was involved with professionals who had more at stake than me playing around.

My first surprise was the ‘developmental editing’ process. I thought I would have an email telling me things like, ‘You have got this scene wrong. Correct it!’ Instead I had lovely Rebekah Jonesy tactfully point out where I could perhaps do better. I felt hugged as we worked through the sticking points in the manuscript. I felt my story grow and blossom through this.

Then there was the line editing. This was where the whole language stuff was cleared up. I was very nervous about this, because I don’t really understand punctuation. I do my best, but there may have been an issue with commas. I’ve never really mastered the tricky things, and I was expecting the worst. However the editors were very sweet and even arranged a conference call between me, Julia Jinkyong Allen and Emily Fisher where they very patiently explained to me how to punctuate speech – without making me feel like an idiot! Which was incredibly lovely as I am a complete doofus on punctuation.

In the few months since I submitted my manuscript, I have had such wonderful support and advice and I am incredibly grateful. My writing is already so much improved because of their kindness and generosity. And now I am on a learning curve for a book launch.

As I gear up for Out of the London Mist to go live on 23 July 2020, I’m soooo thrilled to share that the pre-order is not only available on Amazon here, but you can also find links to the pre-order on Apple, Nook, Kobo, 24 Symbols and Angust & Robertson

Watch this space. Now I feel like a really real author and I’ll be posting more as I get the hang of my new path.

Hugs and good health to all.

Getting Busy

I’m not quite getting the hang of the whole ‘author’ thing.  I like writing, and I like to think I’m good at it, but the whole marketing thing is a whole new world.

It’s an exciting new world, though, and I’m enjoying some of the adventure.  I had never heard of ‘Blog Tours’ or ‘Facebook Takeovers’ or ‘Guest Posts’.  Now I’m finding out about these wonderful things and, what is even better, enjoying dipping in to other people’s writing.

I’ve signed up to be part of blog tours.  This means I’ll will be doing reviews, hosting guest posts and generally interacting with some amazing authors.  Watch this space for what is happening.  I have also had a story accepted into the ‘Glass and Ashes’ anthology and the blog tours and publicity for that are going to be awesome!  I’m feeling overwhelmed, but in a good way.

In other news – the first newsletter will absolutely definitely be out next Friday 5 October, and I absolutely definitely will have worked out how to do it by then.  Not only will I do everything to make sure I comply with all regulations, but I will also include any updates on what I am doing, a household hint from Mrs Tuesday’s extensive collection and a short piece of original fiction.  You can subscribe to the newsletter here, if you are interested.  And I will absolutely, definitely have the next instalment of the White Hart up this Friday.

Thank you for stopping by.