Probably Not Fairies

Whenever something confusing or odd happens, that isn’t immediately necessary to understand and has no money involved, I think it is important to go for the explanation that is most fun and interesting. Logic has it’s place, but it isn’t necessarily important in understanding the world of humans.

Last night DH put his glasses on the bookcase next to him, heard them slip off and immediately went to look for them. He couldn’t find them. He checked next to the bookcase, behind the bookcase, pulled out the bookcase and looked around corners, shook out the duvet covers, moved the mattress and eventually found the glasses had travelled from the top of the bookcase to the floor and then around and at an angle behind a heavy under the bed storage box. DH decided that it was fairies. 

I am not entirely convinced. Last week I lost a set of DH’s gym kit. I would swear that I had left the kit in the tumble dryer until I had washed his towel, but it wasn’t there. I can’t find it for love nor money. Fortunately DH has another set, but I’m going to have to pick the house apart to find this kit. I can’t imagine where it has gone because I took it out of the washer, and it’s only a few steps to the dryer but somewhere on the journey it disappeared. There is also the issue of the small drinking glasses. Over the years we have collected a lot of the small nutella jar/glasses that are awesome. They are a great size and are incredibly robust and never seem to break. We used to have dozens of them in the cupboard, but when I did a mental count, I think I could lay my hands on around four. I dragged out the spare bag of glasses (we got through a lot of nutella at one time) but it still begs the question – where did the other drinking glasses go? And where are all the forks. There should be around a dozen, but I only seem to have five. This is why I don’t think it’s fairies. Fairies may be the most interesting explanation, rather than chaotic housekeeping, but they don’t touch iron. 

I wonder what brownies can touch? They would be appalled at the state of the house, so it may be their way of insisting we get our act together. Or perhaps I could put down a saucer of milk, except we only have rice milk these days and I’m not sure an old fashioned brownie would approve.

I think I will still have a look on eBay for some horseshoes. And have a good sort out which will almost certainly solve the problem but be a lot less interesting.

2 thoughts on “Probably Not Fairies

  1. Obviously the fairies are using the small glasses, just the right size for their small hands, to use as a protective container to pick up the forks so they can get rid of them. Have you tried looking in Bear’s room? Fairies do love to hide things in kid’s areas.

    1. Bear may be responsible for at least some of the wonders. I’ll do a check when he’s not around. There’s probably a logical explanation, but who wants that?

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